1 Stop Maintenance Reviews Home Builder Ralph Slaske of Slaske Builders

Recently, the news and review group known as 1 Stop Maintenance decided to offer a job to Ralph Slaske of Slaske Builders, or rather, the 1 Stop Maintenance CEO did. The long story short, The CEO of 1 Stop Maintenance needed a new home up around the Toledo, Ohio area and from reading nothing but positive reports of Mr. Slaske on social media and blogs, decided to offer a job that Mr. Slaske couldn’t refuse.

It was an early Monday morning, about 7am I believe, when I gave Ralph Slaske a call and said, ‘hey, I have a job for you if you’re interested. I’m needing a new home and you’re the only one I trust to have it materialize,'” said 1 Stop Maintenance CEO. “We talked for a bit and he asked a me a few basic questions. Mr. Slaske then said he would like to meet in person with me tomorrow morning after he gets all the details squared away. At that point, we would be able to discuss details more in depth.”

While the CEO of 1 Stop Maintenance was waiting for their planned meeting, “I was doing my homework and making sure all the details I had covered on the phone with my new client were covered before I met with him,” says Ralph Slaske. The next morning, the two met and Slaske got straight to work asking questions about the new home, the dimensions needed and even building materials to be used in the product.

“Ralph Slaske taught me a lot about working with clients. I suppose in this case you could say this is something one businessman has taught another. He made sure all my questions were answered and checked in with me frequently to ensure I was taken care of. No questions, comments or concerns went unanswered. I would have to highly recommend Slaske Builders to anyone wanting a custom home in northern Ohio.”


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