5 Benefits of Staging a Construction Site With Luxury Furniture

Construction sites are never pleasant to look at. They are dirty, messy, and oftentimes covered in order to prevent an eyesore in its vicinity. Although some construction sites are hard to cover up, there are quite a lot of instances where you can find ways to create a pleasant space during a construction period.

According to JMD Furniture, one of the unique ways to stage a construction site is through the use of luxury furniture. Luxury furniture does not only exude an ‘elegant’ appeal to your potential customers, it can also function as a permanent piece in your establishment once construction work is done.

In this post, we will be looking into some benefits of investing in luxury furniture for staging your construction site.

5 Benefits of Staging a Construction Site With Luxury Furniture

1. A good distraction from the construction mess

A common tactic to cover up construction sites would be the use of tarpaulins and temporary walls with printed graphics. However, this still serves as an eyesore to most people. If you are a business owner who wants a better way to distract people away from the fact that there is construction going on, you can make use of fancy=looking benches, table tops, and even arches to create an inviting look in your construction site. The goal is not for people to focus on the work in process, but rather to distract them by making use of visually-appealing furniture pieces. A good idea would be to make use of both a wall cover added with luxury furniture. For example, you can use an attractive pattern to cover up the plywood, and add some catchy phrases such as “coming soon”. You can place luxury furniture in front of the wall that looks like a movie seat. This is a fun way to incorporate the “movie house theme” when staging your construction site.

2. Creates anticipation for the establishment

Another thing that luxury furniture can do when staged in your construction site is the anticipation it creates. If you are not convinced, put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes. Let’s say you walk by a construction site with plain plywood and a sign that says “under construction”. Would that interest you? What if that same scenario happens, but the construction site is set up with wonderful pieces of seats, side tables, and lamps? You would definitely by curious and come back again to see what the site is all about. A wise business owner knows how to attract buyers even when the store isn’t opened yet.

3. Can be used as a long-standing furniture after construction

If you are looking for a long-term investment, staging your construction site with luxury furniture is the way to go. Whether your look is antique, modern or novel, there are several furniture customization companies that are willing to work for businesses with unique ideas. Aside from its staging purposes, these luxury pieces can also be used as a way to furnish and decorate your office or store. In order to maximize this dual purpose, make sure to invest in furniture that can be used within your future constructed space. For stores, you can invest on luxury shelves and benches, and for offices, you can invest in high-quality reception desks.

4. Sets a statement for the look and feel of your establishment

The type of furniture you will be using during your construction site staging can also be the starting ground of how you want your store to look and feel. For a more modern style, you may want to invest in the glass and metal luxury pieces. For vintage and classical looks, wood and ceramics are the way to go. Who knows? If you don’t have an interior style set for your store, these luxury pieces can also serve as your go-to inspiration once the dirty work is done.

5. A good marketing tactic to improve foot traffic

Luxury items are always a cause of the commotion. Whether people are just curious or want to take a picture of themselves around your construction site, having elegant pieces will gain your business some attention. This is a good marketing tactic to help you reach potential people who may not otherwise have the chance to pass by your store during its construction stage. A good idea would be to create construction stage where people can take pictures and give a specific hashtag they can use to post on social media sites such as Instagram. This will create a buzz in the online community about your future establishment as well.

JMD Furniture believes that luxury furniture doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. Aside from customized luxury furniture, business owners can also inquire about clearance sales and discounted items in e-commerce stores and physical retailers. Do your research before investing in any luxury item, and make sure that the furniture store is a reputable one.

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