About Ralph Slaske

Ralph Slaske is a custom homebuilding professional with over 10 years of specific industry experience in the Northwest Ohio region. As the owner of Ralph Slaske Builders, Mr. Slaske routinely provides clients with custom plans for new construction and builds unique homes featuring the highest quality construction materials selected according the exact specifications of clients. Mr. Slaske also owns several other businesses related to the custom homebuilding process, allowing clients to benefit from a comprehensive approach through the establishment of a sort of “one-stop shop” for everything necessary to build a custom home, from planning the initial design to selecting the interior décor along with all of the other details that fall in between.

After writing his very own book and designing and building his own custom home, Mr. Slaske founded his company, joining the homebuilding industry after spending over a decade in the corporate world employed as an engineer and project manager. Holding a degree in engineering from the University of Toledo, Mr. Slaske has enjoyed a great deal of success through a combination of factors that include his impressive academic and professional background, but he tends to credit much of his success to the client-oriented approach he has adopted along with his remarkable attention to detail.

According to Mr. Slaske, the process of planning and building his own custom home proved to be an edifying experience that allowed him to thoroughly understand the varying mindsets commonly held by a builder or a client, as there are unique aspects of each side of the process that the opposite party may not necessarily take into account. As a result of his experience in this regard, Mr. Slaske has a keen understanding of the importance of maintaining an open line of communication with clients and of taking the time to explain the various factors that might affect the decision-making process during the course of planning or building custom home.

Above all, Mr. Slaske recognizes the significance of building a custom home and understands that clients are making what is quite likely the most sizable investment of their lifetime. This understanding has been a guiding force for Mr. Slaske throughout his professional career in the homebuilding industry, as he has long made it his goal to accommodate the needs and desires of every client and to focus his efforts on bringing every last detail of a client’s dream home to reality on each and every custom home build.