Value-Adding Home Improvement Projects Not Always Associated With Curb Appeal

David R Gray Jr home improvementThere is a multitude of reasons why homeowners take on all kinds of home improvement projects, with many citing a simple desire to improve the quality of their surroundings while others just enjoy spending a weekend working with their hands in order to create something unique. Though the reasons are quite varied, homeowners are most likely to at least reference the fact that the projects they undertake will add value to their home in some way.

As David R. Gray Jr. would likely point out, this common form of reasoning often leads homeowners to select projects associated with aesthetic improvements, especially when it comes to curb appeal. Curb appeal projects do offer a significant return in terms of the real estate value added, but homeowners should be careful not to overlook the sizable return on investment made possible through a host of other possible options.

Installing insulation in an attic is perhaps the best example of a value-adding home improvement project that is commonly overlooked, but it is one of the few projects that result in an immediate increase in real estate resale value of well over 100 percent of the cost of the project. While installing attic insulation may not seem like the most enjoyable weekend project, it is certainly one of the best when it comes to adding value to a property.

Applying Behrman PR Strategies to Home Improvement Projects

Regardless of the size and scope of a home improvement project, the strategies utilized at every stage of the project will have a sizable impact on the degree to which the final result is deemed a success. While it is not all that common for public relations and brand building strategies to be applicable to home improvement projects, there are many aspects of the Behrman PR strategy that can help anyone carrying out any such project, independent of whether they are a homeowner completing a minor project or a professional contractor tasked with carrying out a major one.

Nancy Behrman, the founder of Behrman Communications, has enjoyed a distinguished career in the public relations industry and recently celebrated her company’s 30-year anniversary, which is why her insight and expertise regarding PR strategies is so widely respected among her industry peers. In fact, it is those specific PR and brand building strategies that are believed to potentially yield an exceptional benefit for those in the home improvement industry or those simply seeking to complete a home improvement project in a manner that is indistinguishable from the efforts of a professional.

According to those who have applied some of the strategies utilized by Behrman’s immensely successful public relations and brand building company, the results they were able to achieve were deeply reflective of the brand building company’s reputation as one of the most creative and insightful companies operating in the industry today. Due to the fact that the Behrman PR strategy is known to rely on a detail-oriented approach that evaluates the individual goals of each client in order to yield the greatest potential impact, the application of these strategies in construction projects has proved to be incredibly valuable on a number of distinct and critical levels.