Why Software Analytics Is Important In The Construction Industry

Big data analytics have come as a viable tool in the construction industry that experts are now embracing to lead better teams and to strategize for increased efficiency. The ability to sift through a lot of information to get results that are relevant is beyond most human skills, but with software analytics, this is made easier and faster. Construction companies, therefore, are able to save a lot of time by sifting through large amounts of data to get relevant information that can help them to implement different actions. This allows them to lay more focus on events and projects that matter than worrying about IT issues.

Problem solving

One of the biggest incentives for having software analytics is that construction companies are able to solve complex problems with Ad Hoc Reporting. For these companies to be successful in their problem solving processes, they need to collect the right data and in an organized manner that is searchable. Software analytics allows them to accomplish this effectively as the data returned is accurate and sifted for errors, which again eliminates the need for construction companies to spend a lot of time trying to validate data.

Risk prediction

Additionally, big data offers you the unique ability to gather insights that allow you to make improvements to your systems to prevent risks. You can easily detect errors before they happen and finding opportunities for optimization that is focused on the future is easier. You can get long-term improvements if you use software analytics. The accuracy at which software can give information is beyond human capabilities and this could be the reason most companies that use software analytics have been seen to achieve better results than their counterparts that don’t use analytics.

Performance evaluation

You also want to know how your company or its departments have been performing over a specified period of time. It could take a lot more time to implement this process if one chooses to follow traditional methods, but with software analytics, you get real-time results when monitoring performance. You could even make adjustments to the software to receive reports after every specified period of time, so you are informed about changes in different parameters in a more dynamic manner.

Construction companies that keep large amounts of data would find it challenging to assess their performance in the absence of analytics software. Knowing project profitability and efficiency is important when making decisions and these are reports you will easily get with software analytics.

Track assets and construction equipment

Apart from leading experts in decision making processes, software analytics also helps in the monitoring of construction equipment and assets. Construction companies spread most of their assets and equipment geographically and this could be a source of disaster if not controlled. You need to know which equipment or asset is where, so having a monitoring system that keeps records and gives information about assets and equipment is necessary.


The more data you have, the more potential you have to make remote predictions about construction site limitations and possibilities, and this could help you to plan accordingly.